the ever elusive elixir that promises everlasting beauty

Stop wasting your money on miracle cures and treatments that spruik and make outrageous claims of "removing wrinkles, take 10 years off your life, turn back the clock." Learn these simple but proven techniques and lifestyle changes to take years of your face and body and make you sparkle from within.

Sunscreen - start teaching your children from as young as possible to apply at regular intervals, the areas to focus on are face, neck, upper chest, and back of hands. The backs of your hands are an area often missed and this is an obvious area that shows the first signs of aging.

Exfoliate, Cleanse and Moisturize - A routine that needs to be followed everyday, remove all makeup before retiring and after a wash apply a simple moisturizer that suits your skin type all over, fresh, clean skin absorbs the cream and keeps it supple and soft.

Fresh Air - Avoid long periods of time in air conditioning and heating, if you must be in these conditions try to get out in the fresh air every day, fill up your lungs and let your body absorb a dose of Vitamin D.

Water, Water, Water - The fountain of youths nectar. Around 2 liters of pure water a day, not flavored or diluted. MBT shoes every day a proven remedy for many ailments.

Teeth - Healthy teeth, healthy gums, great smile, great breath, all round winner.

Pilates/Yoga - Participate in classes or follow a video at home if you are self motivated, aim for 3 sessions per week, fantastic for creating long lean limbs and toning up all those problem areas. Also an added bonus is improving your posture by strengthening your core muscles which can lead to alleviating any lower back pain.

Walk - start moving those muscles, by working up a sweat you release all those good endorphins in the brain and remove toxins from the body. Take a friend, Louis Vuitton replica handbags or get a dog as a companion then you have to make the commitment.

Volunteer - give up part of your time to help those less fortunate than yourself or better still go and work in an environment with children. There is no better cure for stress and keeping you young at heart by being around people or kids that are genuine in their appreciation and gratitude, and all that youthful zest and energy is infectious.

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